Handbook on Migration and Welfare


Handbook on Migration and Welfare

9781839104565 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Markus M.L. Crepaz, Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor of Political Science, School of Public and International Affairs, University of Georgia, Athens, US
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 83910 456 5 Extent: 544 pp
Bringing together prominent scholars in the field, this Handbook provides an interdisciplinary exploration of the complex interrelationship between migration and welfare. Chapters further examine the effects of emigration on sending societies exploring issues such as the impact of remittances, diasporas, and skill deterioration as a result of human capital flight on capacity building and on economic and political development more generally.

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Bringing together prominent scholars in the field, this Handbook provides an interdisciplinary exploration of the complex interrelationship between migration and welfare. Chapters explore the extent to which immigration policy affects – and is affected by – welfare states, from both economic and political perspectives. This Handbook also examines the effects of emigration on sending societies, exploring issues such as the impact of remittances, diasporas, and skill deterioration as a result of human capital flight on capacity building and on economic and political development more generally.
Contributors draw on both qualitative and quantitative research to illuminate the contours and patterns of this complex relationship. This includes the assumed tension-reducing role of multiculturalist and integration policies, the shaping of native beliefs about migrants by socio-economic constraints and the potential for the extension of social rights to migrants to influence and increase pro-redistributive attitudes. Investigating the drivers of welfare chauvinism and its effects on social trust between native and immigrant groups, the Handbook also provides insights into the latest theoretical and empirical findings regarding the progressive’s dilemma, one of the most formidable policy challenges leaders of modern societies face.
Breaking new theoretical and empirical ground, this cutting-edge Handbook is essential reading for academics, researchers and students in political science, economics, sociology, social policy and political philosophy, particularly those focused on global migration and changing attitudes to welfare. It will also benefit policymakers looking for new data and pioneering perspectives on immigration policy and the future of welfare states in a changing world economy.
Critical Acclaim
‘The volume provides an excellent summary of the challenges of migration today and tries to show the dilemmas of both receiving and sending countries. I recommend the volume to all those who wish to conduct research in the field of migration and or who would like to gain more insight into the subject.’
– Szandra Kramarics, European Journal of Social Security

‘Migration and welfare spell an uneasy relationship. Membership and deservingness have come to delineate newcomers'' access to social goods in host societies across the globe. Yet there is no unitary relationship between the entities. Context and politics matter. This Handbook delivers a unique set of analyses to grasp these complexities.’
– Grete Brochmann, University of Oslo, Norway

‘This Handbook tackles two of the thorniest questions of the twenty-first century: how do we ensure the collective welfare of others, and who counts as a member of “our” collective? The impressive range of contributions, across disciplines and methodologies, provides a wealth of data and valuable ideas for scholars and those who are making critical policy decisions about who gets what in the coming decades.’
– Irene Bloemraad, University of California, Berkeley, US
Contributors: Koen Abts, Agnes Akkerman, Oussama Ben Atta, Keith Banting, Hans-Georg Betz, Pieter Bevelander, Frida Boräng, Romana Careja, Markus M. L. Crepaz, Maureen A. Eger, Allison Harell, James F. Hollifield, Patrick R. Ireland, Sara Kalm, Elif Naz Kayran, Christel Kesler, Anthony Kevins, Hanna Kleider, Melanie Kolbe, Edward Anthony Koning, Joakim Kulin, Will Kymlicka, Zoe Lefkofridi, Patti Tamara Lenard, Johannes Lindvall, Farid Makhlouf, Anita Manatschal, Katerina Manevska, Elizabeth Mavroudi, Bart Meuleman, Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Elie Murard, Susanne Rhein, Roderick Sluiter, Eric M. Uslaner, Arno Van Hootegem, Margaret Walton-Roberts, Daniel Westlake, Raúl Delgado Wise, Matthew Wright, Conrad Ziller

Introduction to the Handbook on Migration and Welfare: The contours of
contested concepts 1
Markus M. L. Crepaz

1 Managing migration in modern welfare states: One-size policy does not
fit all 13
Pieter Bevelander and James F. Hollifield
2 Economics or politics? Assessing immigration as a challenge to the welfare
state 45
Maureen A. Eger
3 Migration, diversity, and the welfare state: Moving beyond attitudes 64
Patrick R. Ireland

4 Why share with strangers? Reflections on a variety of perspectives 87
Matthew Wright
5 The boundaries of generosity: Membership, inclusion, and redistribution 102
Allison Harell, Will Kymlicka, and Keith Banting
6 Immigration and preferences for redistribution: Empirical evidence and
political implications of the progressive’s dilemma in Europe 118
Elie Murard
7 When does immigration shape support for a universal basic income?
The role of education and employment status 137
Anthony Kevins
8 Welfare chauvinist or neoliberal opposition to immigrant welfare? The
importance of measurement in the study of welfare chauvinism 156
Edward Anthony Koning
9 Personal and contextual foundations of welfare chauvinism in Western
Europe 175
Conrad Ziller and Romana Careja

10 Framing matters: Pathways between policies, immigrant integration, and
native attitudes 195
Anita Manatschal
11 The politics of multiculturalism and redistribution: Immigration,
accommodation, and solidarity in diverse democracies 210
Keith Banting, Daniel Westlake, and Will Kymlicka
12 The politicization of immigration and welfare: The progressive’s dilemma,
the rise of far-right parties, and challenges for the left 230
Maureen A. Eger and Joakim Kulin
13 Inclusive solidarity? The social democratic dilemma: Between EU rules and
supporters’ preferences 255
Zoe Lefkofridi and Susanne Rhein
14 Institutional sources of trust resilience in diverse societies: The mitigating
role of inclusive and egalitarian welfare state institutions 276
Elif Naz Kayran and Melanie Kolbe
15 Inequality, immigration, and welfare regimes: Untangling the connections 297
Christel Kesler
16 Welfare states and migration policy: The main challenges for scholarship 321
Frida Bor.ng, Sara Kalm, and Johannes Lindvall

17 What explains opposition to immigration: Economic anxiety, cultural
threat, or both? 338
Hanna Kleider
18 Economic resentment or cultural malaise: What accounts for nativist
sentiments in contemporary liberal democracies? 351
Hans-Georg Betz
19 Does contact with strangers matter? 367
Eric M. Uslaner
20 A world to win at work? An integrated approach to meaningful interethnic
contact 382
Katerina Manevska, Roderick Sluiter, and Agnes Akkerman
21 Constructing national identity and generalized trust in diverse
democracies 405
Patti Tamara Lenard
22 Critically different or similarly critical? The roots of welfare state criticism
among ethnic minority and majority citizens in Belgium 420
Arno Van Hootegem, Koen Abts, and Bart Meuleman

23 The Janus face of remittances: Do remittances support or undermine
development in the Global South? 442
Farid Makhlouf and Oussama Ben Atta
24 Tracing the links between migration and food security in Bangladesh 470
Mohammad Moniruzzaman and Margaret Walton-Roberts
25 Migration as a development strategy: Debating the role that migrants
and those in diaspora can play 488
Elizabeth Mavroudi
26 The migration–development nexus under scrutiny 504
Ra.l Delgado Wise

Index 517
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