Research Handbook on Migration and Education

9781839106354 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Halleli Pinson, School of Education, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, Nihad Bunar, Department of Special Education, Stockholm University, Sweden and Dympna Devine, School of Education, University College Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date: December 2023 ISBN: 978 1 83910 635 4 Extent: 586 pp
Contributing to the shaping of education and migration as a distinct field of research, this forward-looking Research Handbook explores cross-cutting questions on the range of challenges facing education systems, migrant children and students today.

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Contributing to the shaping of education and migration as a distinct field of research, this forward-looking Research Handbook explores cross-cutting questions on the range of challenges facing education systems, migrant children and students today.

Covering an impressive range of local, national and educational contexts, this Research Handbook explores diverse case studies, educational initiatives, approaches and policies that have been developed to support migrant and mobile students, educational professionals and schools. Chapters offer a broad understanding of the multifaceted nature of global migration today, exploring varied theoretical and methodological perspectives, and examining the educational challenges and opportunities presented by migration. The Research Handbook ultimately stresses the importance of interdisciplinary research into the complex phenomenon of global migration and its impact on education systems and the educational trajectories of migrant children.

Students and scholars in the fields of education, migration, childhood studies and globalization studies will find this Research Handbook an invaluable reference. Its wide range of case studies on different educational provisions designed to support migrant children in schools will further benefit educational practitioners and policymakers.
Critical Acclaim
‘This superb Research Handbook could not be more welcome. The emergent field of migration and education is handsomely illustrated in the exemplary, original research represented here. Despite investigating so many diverse national contexts, the chapter authors concur that migration of children and youth is today enriching, disrupting and reshaping educational systems globally in ways that demand our attention. By addressing the challenge of inclusivity from various angles, they engage critically with policy discourses around the right to education, identifying implementation problems especially where national/local hostility occurs, whilst highlighting transformative agendas associated with the presence and voices of migrant youth, whether in schools or higher education. All education practitioners and researchers need to ingest the messages contained in this Handbook, to look at their own assumptions about migration and to address, politically and pedagogically, the exclusionary Othering and potential alienation of the millions of displaced or migrant young people in the world today.’
– Emerita Professor Madeleine Arnot, Co-founder of the Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement, University of Cambridge, UK
Contributors include: Juan Carlos Aguilar-Castillo, Jumana Al-Waeli, Vivienne Anderson, Jennifer M. Azordegan, Sally Baker, Michelle J. Bellino, Christina Brandl, Ruth Brittle, Rachel Brooks, Nihad Bunar, Silvia Carrasco, Sue Creagh, Jessica Crist, Christopher B. Crowley, Maurice Crul, Jim Cummins, Merike Darmody, Dympna Devine, Fabio Dovigo, Paul Downes, Khaleda Gani Dutt, Ozlem Erden-Basaran, Daniel Faas, Marjorie Faulstich Orellana, Amalia Fenwick, Inmaculada García-Sánchez, Eleanore Hargreaves, Lottie Hoare, Michelle Kelly, Alebachew Kemisso Haybano, William Kinsella, Annette Korntheuer, Daniel Owusu Kyereko, Noa Levy, Yongcan Liu, Elena Makarova, Alma Maldonado-Maldonado, Mona Massumi, Claire Maxwell, Nasser Mohamedhoesein, Rennie Moon, Sayedali Mostolizadeh, Rachel Murphy, Loshini Naidoo, Caroline Oliver, Alejandra Ortiz Ayala, Rahul Oka, Paula Prendeville, Jens Schneider, Petra Sidler, Marieke Slootman, Emer Smyth, Katharine Summers, Christian Cortes Velasco, Lutine de Wal Pastoor, Khen Tucker, Johanna Waters, Oakleigh Welply, Miri Yemini, Ayselin Yildiz, Min Yu, Yan Zhang

1 Introduction: education and migration as a field of research 1
Halleli Pinson, Dympna Devine and Nihad Bunar

2 The border within: decolonizing refugee students’ education 22
Fabio Dovigo
3 Inclusive systems as relational space in and around schools for supporting migrants in education: transitions from diametric to concentric spatial systems 37
Paul Downes
4 Migration and acculturation: supporting migrant students’ school adjustment in multicultural schools 54
Elena Makarova and Petra Sidler
5 The organization of school integration for refugee children and youth in Germany: identifying gaps in the current state of knowledge 68
Mona Massumi, Christina Brandl and Annette Korntheuer
6 Inclusion of newly arrived migrant students in Swedish schools: organizational models and support measures 83
Nihad Bunar
7 Young refugees’ inclusion and belonging upon entering upper secondary education in Norway 98
Lutine de Wal Pastoor
8 Perceptions of immigrant parental engagement in primary schools in Ireland 114
Dympna Devine, Merike Darmody and Emer Smyth
9 School choice of West African migrants in Ghana 130
Daniel Owusu Kyereko and Daniel Faas

10 Evidence-based instructional responses to opportunity gaps experienced by immigrant-background students 142
Jim Cummins
11 Measuring the academic progress of newly arrived migrant and refugee youth: an Australian school-based longitudinal study 157
Sue Creagh
12 Language brokering and immigrant children’s everyday learning in home and community contexts 173
Marjorie Faulstich Orellana and Inmaculada García-Sánchez
13 Migration, special educational needs and inclusive education 189
William Kinsella, Amalia Fenwick, Paula Prendeville and Michelle Kelly
14 Complementary schools as heritage language communities of practice: reaching beyond language maintenance 203
Yongcan Liu and Lottie Hoare
15 Educational services of informal local refugee support organizations in Türkiye: their role and practices 221
Ozlem Erden-Basaran
16 Mentoring and other educational support for children of immigrants: research, policy relevance, and good practice 236
Jens Schneider

17 Representing vulnerable, Syrian migrant children’s insights: testimonies of inclusion and exclusion in schooling 249
Eleanore Hargreaves and Jumana Al-Waeli
18 Rethinking inclusion: empowering the children of sex workers in Kalighat, Kolkata, India 262
Khaleda Gani Dutt
19 The education of left-behind children in rural China 272
Rachel Murphy and Yan Zhang
20 Push up, be grateful, and tell us your challenges: youth caught between dependency and self-reliance in Kakuma Refugee Camp 285
Michelle J. Bellino and Rahul Oka
21 Convivial education: unaccompanied youth challenge power structures in South African schools 299
Noa Levy
22 Refugee-background students in southern New Zealand: educational navigation and necessary self-sufficiency 310
Vivienne Anderson, Alejandra Ortiz Ayala and Sayedali Mostolizadeh

23 International student mobility: themes and issues 324
Rachel Brooks and Johanna Waters
24 Student mobility in Korean higher education 338
Rennie Moon
25 Student migration between Mexico and the United States: possibilities and disputes associated with becoming mobile 353
Alma Maldonado-Maldonado, Juan Carlos Aguilar Castillo and Christian Cortes-Velasco
26 Access and integration of refugees into higher education: a Turkish inclusive approach 370
Ayselin Yildiz
27 Mind the gap: asylum seeker and refugee access to post-compulsory education 384
Caroline Oliver
28 What makes a higher education learning environment inclusive? An example from the Netherlands 397
Nasser Mohamedhoesein, Maurice Crul and Marieke Slootman
29 Globally mobile professionals and school choice 421
Khen Tucker, Miri Yemini and Claire Maxwell

30 Migration and education in the media: a discourse analysis of the press in France and England 434
Oakleigh Welply
31 A rights-based policy approach to realising education rights in the context of international migration 449
Ruth Brittle
32 The promises of Ethiopia’s new policy for inclusion of refugees into the national education system and challenges for local implementation 465
Alebachew Kemisso Haybano
33 Educational policies and schooling for migrant children in China 480
Min Yu and Christopher B. Crowley
34 Migration and education in Spain since the 1990s and the turn of the century: policy and practice trapped in time 496
Silvia Carrasco
35 Education in Australia for forced migrants: examining the differences in entitlements between permanent and temporary protection 509
Sally Baker, Loshini Naidoo and Jennifer M. Azordegan
36 Best practices for integration: analyzing the migration and education policies in Latin American host countries 525
Jessica Crist and Katharine Summers

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