Research Methods in Human Rights


Research Methods in Human Rights

A Handbook: Second Edition

2nd edition

9781803922607 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Bård A. Andreassen, Professor, Institute of Human Rights, University of Oslo, Norway, Claire Methven O’Brien, Reader in Law, School of Law, University of Dundee and Global Practitioner, University of Strathclyde, UK and Hans-Otto Sano, Senior Researcher, Emeritus, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, Denmark
Publication Date: May 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 260 7 Extent: c 416 pp
In this thoroughly revised second edition editors Bård A. Andreassen, Claire Methven O’Brien and Hans-Otto Sano advance contemporary discussions on human rights methodology, bringing together an array of leading scholars to offer instruction and guidance on the methodological approaches to human rights research.

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In this thoroughly revised second edition, editors Bård A. Andreassen, Claire Methven O’Brien and Hans-Otto Sano continue to advance current discussions on human rights research methodology, bringing together an array of leading scholars to offer instruction and guidance on different approaches to the subject area.

Research Methods in Human Rights bridges the methodological deficit that is often compounded by the interdisciplinary nature of human rights research, providing an up-to-date assessment of the topic. New chapters include discussions of comparative human rights law, qualitative methods of data generation and analysis, methodological challenges facing human rights-based approaches, and the impact of new and emerging digital technologies. Crucially, the book effectively explores the complexities which arise when conducting human rights research at the crossroads of different academic disciplines, and puts forward an agenda for best practice.

Offering a contemporary overview of this ever-evolving subject, this Research Handbook will be an excellent reference tool for academics, researchers and students in human rights, law and development, public international law and development studies. Given the recent prominence of human rights discourse at both national and international levels, this book will also be of great benefit to human rights practitioners and policy-makers.
Critical Acclaim
Acclaim for previous edition:

‘Research Methods in Human Rights presents a fascinating overview of the various disciplinary ways of approaching human rights. It has helped me to reassess and scrutinise my own predispositions and approaches towards legal research and will certainly be a useful companion for new and established researchers from all disciplines relevant to the field.’
– Robin Ramsahye, Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict

‘The expert contributions represent critical and reflective assessments of how to research human rights. The volume discusses different disciplinary perspectives, including law, economics, history, political science and ethnography. In a global setting where major social challenges require multidisciplinary responses, the volume is especially welcome for the careful presentation and exploration of different disciplinary perspectives but also interdisciplinary methodology. The contributors offer helpful discussions of the nuances and complexities within each approach. An essential work for any reading list on human rights.’
– Rory O’Connell, Ulster University, Northern Ireland

‘This book contributes to bringing human rights research out of its infancy. Having matured over three decades, it is high time to raise the discussion on its methodology to a new level. With its roots in legal studies, human rights research today embraces a much wider range of disciplines. Offering a profound, interdisciplinary analysis, this book offers the reader a deepened understanding across many fields. It will soon be a classic in higher education and research institutions.’
– Morten Kjaerum, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Sweden
Contributors include: Edward Anderson, Bård A. Andreassen, Stephen Bagwell, Roland Burke, Edzia Carvalho, Anna-Luise Chané, K. Chad Clay, Laura Ferguson, Anne Hellum, Steven L.B. Jensen, Daniel Kacinski, Malcolm Langford, Tomas Max Martin, Lorna McGregor, Siobhán McInerney-Lankford, Sally Engle Merry, Claire Methven O’Brien, Matthew Rains, Michael Riegner, Hans-Otto Sano, Margaret Satterthwaite, Arjun Sharma, George Ulrich, Wouter Vandenhole, Annie Watson
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