Contemporary Issues in Management, Second Edition


Contemporary Issues in Management, Second Edition

A Critical Management Approach

2nd edition

9781788118293 Edward Elgar Publishing
Lindsay Hamilton, York Management School, Laura Mitchell, University of York and Anita Mangan, Bristol University, UK
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78811 829 3 Extent: 256 pp
The new second edition of Contemporary Issues in Management is a must have for anyone teaching or wishing to better understand the field of critical management studies. The book combines a range of theoretical essays with insights into the present-day world of work, business and organizing, gathering together cases from banking and financial services, voluntary and charity work, factory and food production among others. This second edition evaluates some of the recent impacts of policy and economic change on business and management, as well as introducing and exploring a range of international examples. Together, the authors lend a critical perspective to organizational enquiries with relevance to a number of debates which will be invaluable to those seeking practical as well as philosophical insights into the nature of business and work in a current climate of uncertainty, austerity and change. 

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Revised and extended for its second edition, Contemporary Issues in Management provides a unique up-to-date view of the ‘messy reality’ of the complex management dilemmas facing workers and managers in the business environment today.

Using a critical approach, the contributors offer original perspectives on organisational behaviour and the sociology of work. Presenting business case studies and analysis, this textbook covers a broad range of key themes, including ethical and social issues, diversity, migration, continuity and change. Chapters present research studies into diverse areas, from teleworking to apprenticeships, food production, volunteering and factory working.

This fully updated second edition provides:

• Discussions of management issues in their wider philosophical and political contexts to allow students to have a broader understanding and interpretation of how management affects complex real-life situations

• Original and in-depth qualitative case studies present lived experience rather than abstract ‘model’ or ‘idealised’ problems for the successful application of theory

• Examples of a wide range of management practices gives students the necessary knowledge for a globalised perspective on work and business

• A critical approach to the topic, to develop students’ analytical skills to recognise problems, and suggest suitable solutions

• Questions and further reading sections for use in teaching and self study.

This textbook is an invaluable guide for those studying organisational behaviour and business management, as well as the sociology and ethnography of work and workplaces.
Contributors: S.B. Emery, S. French, L. Hamilton, M. Keleman, D. Knights, A. Mangan, D. McCabe, L. Mitchell, T. Oultram, G. Pearson, U. Salmon, L. Stringer, E. Surman, Nik Taylor


Part I Thinking Critically About Business Management
1. Is there another way of organising? Considering the possibilities of alternative organisations
Anita Mangan

2. The corruption of business: A statement of a contemporary problem
Gordon Pearson

3. Dignity and recognition through work
Laura Mitchell

4. Facing the uncertainties and realities of work and migration in the ‘Brexit Age’
Steve French

5. Ambiguity as organisational practice: An American Pragmatist perspective
Michaela Keleman

Part II Contemporary Work: Conditions, Challenges and Alternatives
6. Is paternalism still relevant? Changing the culture in a UK insurance company
Darren McCabe and David Knights

7. Taken over by technology: remote work, anxious work or no work at all?
Emma Surman

8. “One Day, All This Will Be Yours”: A Bourdieusian Exploration of Innovation in the Family Firm
Udeni Salmon

9. Disjointed, degraded and divided? A tale of dirty work at the chicken factory
Lindsay Hamilton and Darren McCabe

10. Hard work, productivity and the management of the farmed environment
Steven B. Emery

11. Youth employment, masculinity and policy
Teresa Oultram and Lee Stringer

12. Caring Companions: Volunteering, identity and morality in the rescue shelter
Nik Taylor and Lindsay Hamilton


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