Gender and Generational Division in EU Citizenship


Gender and Generational Division in EU Citizenship

9781788113151 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Trudie Knijn, Emeritus Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Social Science, Utrecht University, the Netherlands and Manuela Naldini, Associate Professor of Sociology of the Family, and Fellow at the Collegio Carlo Alberto, University of Turin, Italy
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78811 315 1 Extent: 264 pp
Family law, gender equality, care arrangements and the consequences of demographic change have long been on the agenda of the European Union. However, these are coloured by national and cultural factors more than any other disputes, and form a barrier to the equalising of status for European citizens. Using an interdisciplinary approach, and bringing together law scholars, political scientists and sociologists, this book looks at the implications of the categorisation of identity in the European Union, and what they mean for the realisation of citizens’ rights throughout the EU.

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Highly topical and with an interdisciplinary focus, this book explores the recent political and social developments in EU citizenship. Bringing political scientists, sociologists and law scholars together, this book analyses the implications of identity categorisation regarding gender and generations in the EU and what this means for the realisation of citizens’ rights, particularly of women, young adults and migrant care workers throughout the EU.

Established researchers explore the stories of social and civil rights in the EU, covering family mobility and migration issues, the precarious positions of female migrant workers across member states and the EU’s promotion of diverse family rights. Moreover, the book focuses on the prominent issues facing the new generation of young adults: particularly social mobility, civil rights and political parties’ differing views on gender and family issues. With insight into national and regional perspectives on these significant topics, the authors argue that the European Parliament is currently striving for a new consensus to unite member states and dissipate current divisions.

An important read for academics and students from across the social sciences, specifically public and social policy, gender studies and European studies, interested in the future direction of the EU surrounding gender and generational division.
Critical Acclaim
‘Knijn and Naldini’s edited collection is a welcome addition to the vast area of citizenship studies that highlight many challenges to active EU citizenship participation and individual EU citizenship rights. It aims to highlight discrepancy within EU citizenship along the lines of gender, age and mobility. As such, the book situates itself within the work on gendered citizenship in welfare States that interrogates care policies as an aspect of gendered social rights.’
Jule Mulder, Common Market Law Review (CML)
Contributors: G.M. Dotti Sani, J. Gal, D. Halevy, T. Knijn, A. Krizsán, D. Lepianka, J. Long, M. Luppi, M. Naldini, A. Nissen, R. Oomkens, L. Rolandsen Agustín, A. Santero, B. Siim, J. Šipić, D. Širinić, C. Solera, L.J. van den Braken, M.A. Yerkes



1. Introduction: EU citizenship, a matter of gender, generations and family dependency
Trudie Knijn and Manuela Naldini

2. Rights for women, migrants and minorities: consensus and silences in the European Parliament
Anita Nissen and Lise Rolandsen Agustín

3. Gender equality and family in European populist radical-right agendas: European parliamentary debates 2014
Andrea Krizsán and Birte Siim

4. National attitudes as a barrier to European citizenship rights? The case of parenthood and partnership rights for individuals in diverse family forms
Giulia M. Dotti Sani, Trudie Knijn, Manuela Naldini, Cristina Solera and Mara A. Yerkes

5. The role of reproductive rights and family policies in defining parenthood
Joëlle Long, Manuela Naldini and Arianna Santero

6. Differently unequal: On migrants’ stratified access to family reunification and family entitlements in the Netherlands, Israel and Italy
Dana Halevy, Dorota Lepianka and Arianna Santero

7. Precarious migrant care workers in Italy, Israel and the UK
Matteo Luppi, Rosanne Oomkens and John Gal

8. Young adults on the move: tensions between EU and national-level policies
Trudie Knijn and Mara A. Yerkes

9. Why do young Europeans stay at home? Including ‘stay-stay away’ factors in migration research
Leydi Johana van den Braken, Dorota Lepianka and Trudie Knijn

10. Are there any ties left? Party characteristics and age-based differences in party-voter linkages
Daniela Širinić and Josip Šipić

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