Handbook of Energy Politics


Handbook of Energy Politics

9781784712297 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jennifer I. Considine, Senior Research Fellow, CEPMLP, University of Dundee, Scotland and Keun-Wook Paik, Energy, Environment and Development Programme, Chatham House, UK
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78471 229 7 Extent: 528 pp
Starting with the fundamentals of the global energy industry, Handbook of Energy Politics goes on to cover the evolution of capital and financial markets in the energy industry, the effects of technology, environmental issues and global warming and geopolitics. The book concludes by considering the future, including the lessons learned from history, where we are most likely to be heading and what steps we can take to mitigate potential energy risks. This Handbook will be an invaluable resource for upper level graduates and postgraduate scholars.

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Assessing a rapidly changing landscape, this Handbook explores how the scope and complexity of energy politics increases constantly with the rise of new technologies, cyber security threats and environmental concerns.

Starting with the fundamentals, the Handbook of Energy Politics covers the evolution of capital and financial markets in the energy industry, as well as assessing the effects of technology and environmental issues such as global warming and geopolitical tensions. It is shown that a lack of consensus on basic definitions and clear long-term goals on climate and energy are hampering the sector’s ability to invest in low-carbon growth. The importance of achieving and maintaining positive relationships for effective consultation and engagement with those directly affected by energy politics is emphasized, with a focus on factors critical for sustainable development. The authors also assess what we can learn from historical cases and the steps we can take to mitigate potential energy risks in the future.

This Handbook will be an invaluable resource for upper level graduates and postgraduates of public policy and environmental politics. Policy-makers, at state, regional and local levels will benefit from the suggestions for future developments.
Critical Acclaim
‘Dr Jennifer I. Considine and Dr Keun-Wook Paik are brilliant! The Handbook of Energy Politics is superb. The authors provide the industry with a much needed all-encompassing energy reference. This book covers critical issues and major topics in today’s energy industry ranging from supply side and demand side global economics through the capital and financial markets in the energy industry. The authors also include an insight into environmental issues and renewable energy policy. This is a must have resource for all energy practitioners and executives.''
– Robert Kissell PhD, President and Founder of the Kissell Research Group, US
Contributors: S.H. Ahn, P. Andrews-Speed, M.L. Barcella, C.J. Campbell, J.I. Considine, L. de Castro, T.K Doshi, J. Dutra, V. Figer, A. Fogwill, H. Henderson, L. Johnson, A.C. Lavaller, L. Lázaro-Touza, X.T.L. Liu, M. Lynch, D. Millington, K.-W. Paik, N. Poussenkova, D.B. Reynolds, M.G. Salameh, P. Stevens, L. Tian, R.R. Tissot, A. Vypovska, G. Wood, S. Zhang

Jennifer I Considine and Mary Lashley Barcella
Jennifer I Considine
Part I The Fundamentals of the Global Energy Industry: The Supply Side
1. Environmental and Indigenous Issues Associated with Natural Gas Developments in British Columbia
Anna Vypovska, Laura Johnson, Dinara Millington and Allan Fogwill
2. Oil on the Waters of RIC Energy Relations
Nina Poussenkova
3. Energy Transition and Natural Gas Development in China
Liu Xiaoli and Tian Lei
4. Institutions and the Supply of Oil
Douglas B. Reynolds
5. Low Oil Prices Impact on Latin American Non-Conventionals
Alberto Cisneros Lavaller
Part II The Fundamentals of the Global Energy Industry: The Demand Side
6. The Role of Sino-Russian Gas Cooperation in China’s Natural Gas Expansion
Keun-Wook Paik
7. Republic of Korea’s Energy Security Conundrum:The Problems of Energy Mix and Energy Diplomacy Deadlock
Se Hyun Ahn
8. China’s Evolving Energy Policy: The Case of Electricity
Philip Andrews-Speed  and Sufang Zhang
9. Natural Resource-led Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Role for Local Content and Small, Medium Enterprises
Rene Roger Tissot

Part III Main influences in Geopolitics
10. Will There Ever Be a Post-Oil Era?
Mamdouh G. Salameh

11. The Oil Age
Colin J. Campbell
12. New Energy and the Geopolitics of the Future
Michael Lynch
13. The Economic Case for Staged Development and Providing Appropriate Incentives for Good Behavior in the Context of “Resource Curse”
Paul Stevens and Jennifer I Considine
Part IV The Evolution of Technology, Capital and Financial Markets in the Energy Industry
14. Deepening Green Finance
Hazel Henderson
15. Middle East and Asia: The Oil Trade and Pricing Nexus
Tilak Doshi

16. The Economics of Smart Grid Technological Innovation
Luciano de Castro, Joisa Dutra and Vivian Figer

Part V Environmental Issues and Renewable Energy Policy
17. Policy Risk, Politics and Low Carbon Energy
Geoffrey Wood

18. Governing the geopolitics of climate action after the Paris Agreement
Lara Lázaro-Touza


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