Handbook of Research Methods and Applications for Mobilities


Handbook of Research Methods and Applications for Mobilities

9781788115452 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Monika Büscher, Lancaster University, UK, Malene Freudendal-Pedersen, Aalborg University, Denmark, Sven Kesselring, Nürtingen-Geislingen University, Germany and Nikolaj Grauslund Kristensen, Aalborg University, Denmark
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78811 545 2 Extent: 448 pp
Reflecting the variety and diversity of mobile methods and their applications, this comprehensive Handbook illuminates the multiple dimensions and transdisciplinary nature of mobilities research, from transport to tourism, cargo to information as well as physical, virtual and imaginative mobilities. It brings together key contributions on the state of the art of qualitative and quantitative research, multimethod combinations and co-creation methods within the mobilities paradigm.

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Exploring the growing field of mobilities research, this Handbook focuses on the flows and movements of people, artefacts, capital, information and signs on different social and geographical scales. It examines the systems and practices of mobilities within societies, politics, cultures and economies from different theoretical, epistemological and methodological perspectives.

Reflecting the variety and diversity of research methods and applications, contributions from top scholars highlight the multiple dimensions of mobilities, from transport to tourism, cargo to information, and across physical, virtual and imaginative mobilities. Chapters analyse mobilities from different angles and scales, emphasising interdisciplinarity by looking at how researchers engage with mobile methods.

An inspirational toolbox of research methods and applications for mobilities, sociology and human geography scholars, this Handbook provides both qualitative and quantitative insights to the topic. It will be of interest to policymakers and urban planners looking for a better understanding of the impact and importance of mobilities in contemporary societies.
Critical Acclaim
‘Now, more than ever, researchers need multi-scalar tools to navigate complex and borderless research problems. This Handbook offers a multi-layered array of research methods that identify, experiment with and analyse mobile data and their infrastructures. Chapters detail practical methods by researchers who have applied them, while other chapters call for the design of methods to investigate new mobilities problems. Whether working with data hubs requiring methodological hierarchies or working with digitalized data generated in smart sensor technologies or working with spontaneous data co-created “in the flow” of fieldwork, researchers will find valuable resources and critical tools in this book.’
– Martha Bell, Independent Sociologist with Media Associates, New Zealand

‘This is an exceptional contribution to the literature on mobilities that engages and goes beyond simply mobile methodologies to develop applied and critical insights. It is wide ranging in topics and includes authors of international repute. It is sure to be a must-read for students, academics and practitioners involved in future mobilities research.’
– Kevin Hannam, City University of Macau, China

‘This is a sparkling collection of essays written by scholars – many of whom are leaders in the field – who are passionately committed to the way in which the new mobilities paradigm has fundamentally changed how we understand the contemporary world and the challenges it faces. Every chapter is a delight to read, with the inventiveness of the methods and applications surveyed spilling over into writing that is equally creative and inspired.’
– Lynne Pearce, Lancaster University, UK
Contributors: K. Barry, N.M. Bennetsen, J. Berg, T. Birtchnell, T. Böhme, G. Bourg, R. Boyd, A.V.H. Bueno, M. Büscher, E.C. Cabalquinto, C.B. Christensen, F. da Costa Portugal Duarte, M. de Neergaard, A. Elliott, M. Freudendal-Pedersen, J. Germann Molz, K. Goetz, N. Grauslund Kristensen, K. Hartmann-Petersen, M. Henriksson, J.M. Hildebrand, F. Hirschhorn, M. Huyghe, O. Järv, H.L. Jensen, O.B. Jensen, S. Kesselring, H. Krobath, G.R. Larsen, C. Lassen, A. Maddrell, K. Manderscheid, A. Masso, L. Murray, L. Nitschke, A. Paulsson, A. Perkins, R. Rackham, A. Rocci, L. Schindler, M. Sheller, S. Silm, L.C. Smith, S. Smith, S. Sodero, G. Sunderer, C.H. Sørensen, B. Szerszynski, K.S. Tan, S. Thulin, M. Trandberg Jensen, C. Tschoerner-Budde, D. Tyfield, R. Tzanelli, P. Vannini, S. Wilson, D. Zuev

Introduction to the Handbook of Research Methods and Applications for Mobilities 1
Monika Büscher, Malene Freudendal-Pedersen, Sven Kesselring and Nikolaj
Grauslund Kristensen

1 Mobility justice 11
Mimi Sheller
2 Mobilities and values 21
Malene Freudendal-Pedersen
3 Mobilities and (un)sustainability 28
Dennis Zuev and Luca Nitschke
4 Researching the mobile risk society 38
Sven Kesselring
5 Mobilities and social futures 50
Monika Büscher

6 openAnalogInput(BODY): investigating data mobilities through critical
making 63
Fernanda da Costa Portugal Duarte
7 How to use time-geographic travel diaries in mobility research 74
Malin Henriksson and Jessica Berg
8 Applying multiple and multi-scalar methods to mobilities hub research 84
Gunvor Riber Larsen
9 Drone mobilities and auto-technography 92
Julia M. Hildebrand
10 Logbooks of mobilities 102
Larissa Schindler
11 Sensory imagination as mobile method: sonic place-making on forest roads 111
Helena Krobath
12 Campervan ethnographies: mobile experiments and methodological
manoeuvres 125
Sharon Wilson
13 Mobility orientations 137
Konrad Götz and Georg Sunderer

14 Mobility behaviour change programmes in France: contexts of emergence,
governance, goals and impacts 151
Marie Huyghe, Ghislain Bourg and Anaïs Rocci
15 Investigating mobilities with literary methods 162
Anita Perkins
16 Vital mobilities 172
Stephanie Sodero and Richard Rackham
17 Tracing human mobilities through mobile phones 182
Siiri Silm, Olle Järv and Anu Masso
18 MoVE: mobile virtual ethnography 193
Jennie Germann Molz
19 Mixed mobile methods for a mobile practice: inclusive research on
pilgrimage mobilities 202
Avril Maddrell
20 Mobile visual methods 212
Phillip Vannini and Martin Trandberg Jensen
21 Fostering discursive mobilities in sustainable mobility policymaking 221
Chelsea Tschoerner-Budde
22 Mobilities policies: exploring momentums as urban tipping points in
practice 231
Nina Moesby Bennetsen and Katrine Hartmann-Petersen
23 The transformation of mobility: AI, robotics and automatization 241
Anthony Elliott and Ross Boyd
24 Researching transnational family life in a mobile era 251
Earvin Charles Cabalquinto
25 Family mobilities 263
Lesley Murray
26 Supply chains and the mobilities of cargo 272
Thomas Birtchnell and Tillmann Böhme
27 Seeing into the future of mobility: the contestable value of expert
knowledge and Delphi as futures methods 282
Alexander Paulsson, Fabio Hirschhorn and Claus Hedegaard Sørensen
28 Airports as a mobile method 292
Claus Lassen
29 Run riot! On mobilities, life, and death (of civilisation), and the reveries of
running artfully 303
Kai Syng Tan
30 Creative arts practice in mobilities 315
Kaya Barry
31 Simulation and preserved mobility spaces 325
Lewis Charles Smith
32 Resonance of mobilities 335
Samuel Thulin
33 Phronesis (and its potentially central contribution to mobilities research in
the twenty-first century) 345
David Tyfield
34 Methods of mobilities design research 354
Ole B. Jensen, Andrea Victoria Hernandez Bueno, Shelley Smith and Cecilie
Breinholm Christensen
35 Critical mobilities – mobilities as critique? 365
Katharina Manderscheid
36 Embodied ethnography in mobilities research 374
Maja de Neergaard and Hanne Louise Jensen
37 Synaesthesia and the mobile city 382
Rodanthi Tzanelli
38 How to dismantle a bus: planetary mobilities as method 398
Bronislaw Szerszynski

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