Handbook on Social Protection Systems


Handbook on Social Protection Systems

9781839109102 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Esther Schüring, Professor of Social Protection Systems, Department of Social Policy and Social Security Studies, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, University of Applied Sciences and Markus Loewe, Head of the Middle East and North Africa Research Team, Transformation of Economic and Social Systems Programme, German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), Germany
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 83910 910 2 Extent: 776 pp
This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 License. It is free to read, download and share on Elgaronline.com.

This exciting and innovative Handbook provides readers with a comprehensive and globally relevant overview of the instruments, actors and design features of social protection systems, as well as their application and impacts in practice. It is the first book that centres around system building globally, a theme that has gained political importance yet has received relatively little attention in academia.

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Critical Acclaim
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This exciting and innovative Handbook provides readers with a comprehensive and globally relevant overview of the instruments, actors and design features of social protection systems, as well as their application and impacts in practice. It is the first book that centres around system building globally, a theme that has gained political importance yet has received relatively little attention in academia.

Combining academic discussion with cases from the Global South and North, this Handbook offers practical recommendations on how greater harmonization across social protection policies, programmes and delivery mechanisms can be achieved. It also highlights the importance of linkages to other policy fields and issues such as taxation, humanitarian aid and livelihood approaches. Overall, the chapters argue that a systems approach is needed to respond to the individual needs of different groups in society and to face future challenges from demographic change, globalization, automation, climate change and pandemics.

Targeting a broad audience, the Handbook on Social Protection Systems bridges the divide in academic debate around social protection in the Global South and North. It will be an invaluable resource for academics, students and practitioners.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook on Social Protection Systems represents a valuable addition to the literature to understand the dynamics of social policy in the 21st century. The focus on the large and heterogeneous groups of nations usually placed under the category of the ''Global South'' is valuable and necessary, not only because of the intense research that the complexity of their social protection policies deserves, but also given the need for specialists of any region, whether students or scholars, as well as public officials, politicians or members of non-governmental and international organisations, to learn from the experiences, issues and cases discussed in the book.’
– Ricardo Velázquez Leyer, Social Policy & Administration

‘A unique tour de force through the world of social protection. The volume is distinguished by a novel systemic approach that takes account of the entire range of instruments, institutions, policies and actors that make up social protection. First-rate experts from more than 20 countries get down to the nitty-gritty of social protection systems, combining overview chapters with exemplary case studies across the global South and North. This Handbook sets new standards! It is highly recommended to researchers and practitioners alike.’
– Lutz Leisering, University of Bielefeld, Germany

‘The Handbook provides a comprehensive introduction to social protection systems, their functions, components, and outcomes. Its global scope, astute treatment of theory and policy, and appropriate case studies, should ensure the Handbook becomes an indispensable resource for policy makers, students, and researchers alike.’
– Armando Barrientos, Professor Emeritus, University of Manchester, UK

‘The editors and contributors to the Handbook on Social Protection Systems have made an important contribution to the literature, ranging widely over the field and providing in-depth analyses of the complex dimensions of social protection policies and programs around the world. The Handbook will be the definitive work on social protection for many years to come and should be widely consulted.’
– James Midgley, University of California Berkeley, US
Contributors: B. Abu Hamad, S. Atkins, F.V. Ayala, Y. Bagheri, V. Barca, G. Barsoum, K. Bender, J. Betz, G. Bhalla, M. Bierbaum, G. Bolits, F. Burchi, M. Cacace, L. Carraro, V. Cebotari, C. Cherrier, A. Cóte, R. Chirchir, B. Chisanga, C. De Neubourg, S. Devereux, M. Ebrahimi, F. Gassmann, K. Hagemejer, M. Hebbar, N. Jones, M. Kaltenborn, M. Kangasniemi, J. Karpati, G. Koehler, T.A. Kool, D. La Salle, M. Loewe, D. Malerba, B. Mathebula, A. Metteri, J.J. Miti, Z.S. Nimeh, M. Niño-Zarazúa, L. Pelham, M. Perkiö, L. Radhakrishnan, K. Roelen, B. Rohregger, R. Sabates-Wheeler, A. Salvini, A. Santillán-Hernández, A. Saran, W. Scholz, B. Schubert, E. Schüring, J. Seekings, M. Serena Liliana Marzi, R. Slater, C. Strupat, A.A. Tajmazinani, F. Teixeira, E. Timar, A. Van De Meerendonk, A.M. Van Den Heever, L.H. Vargas Faulbaum, A. Von Schiller, N. Wiebe, N. Winder Rossi, V. Wodsak, J. Woodall, A. Wyatt

Foreword xxvi
Ralf Radermacher
Acknowledgements xxvii
List of abbreviations xxviii
1 Introduction to the Handbook on Social Protection Systems 1
Markus Loewe and Esther Schüring

Introduction: Instruments 38
Chris de Neubourg
2 Social transfers 41
Esther Schüring
Case study A: Non-contributory social cash transfers in Zambia 55
Benson Chisanga
Case study B: Universal basic income grant in theory and practice 61
Brian Mathebula
3 Social insurance 69
Alexander M. van den Heever
Case study C: Transforming healthcare financing in Central and Eastern
European countries 79
Mirella Cacace
Case study D: Challenges of pension funds in Iran 84
Ali Akbar Taimazinani and Yaser Bagheri
4 Labour market policies 91
Andrea Salvini and Georg Bolits
Case study E: Labour market policies in MENA countries 106
Ghada Barsoum
5 Social services 112
Barbara Rohregger
6 Micro-insurance 124
Markus Loewe

Introduction: System design 136
Markus Loewe
7 Financing 138
Arthur van de Meerendonk
8 Targeting 151
Stephen Devereux
9 Human rights approaches 164
Markus Kaltenborn
10 Actors 174
Esther Schüring and Nicola Wiebe
11 Systematic approaches to social protection 190
Chris de Neubourg, Victor Cebotari and Julia Karpati
Case study F: The challenges of moving towards universal social
protection in Bolivia 211
Nicola Wiebe
Case study G: Comprehensive social protection reform in South Africa 218
Alexander M. van den Heever

Introduction: Policy coordination 224
Daniele Malerba
12 Harmonization of similar instruments 227
Rachel Slater
13 Coordination of different instruments 240
Mira Bierbaum and Veronika Wodsak
Case study H: Poverty and social transfer coverage in the Kingdom of Eswatini 253
Bernd Schubert
14 Graduation 263
Rachel Sabates-Wheeler
15 Taxation and social protection 277
Armin von Schiller
Case study I: Simplified tax regimes and their impact on social
insurance in Uruguay 290
Fernanda Teixeira
16 The humanitarian–development nexus 296
Cécile Cherrier
Case study J: Emergency cash transfers in Yemen 308
Francisco V. Ayala
Case study K: Humanitarian cash transfer in Palestine 314
Nicola Jones and Bassam Abu Hamad
17 Social budgeting 321
Krzysztof Hagemejer and Wolfgang Scholz

Introduction: Groups in focus 336
Esther Schüring
18 Gender and social protection 338
Nicola Jones
Case study L: Gender analysis of social protection in Iran 350
Ali Akbar Taimazinani and Maryam Ebrahimi
19 Disability inclusion and social protection 355
Alexandre Côte
20 Child-sensitive social protection 369
Keetie Roelen
21 The elderly and social protection 379
Luis H. Vargas Faulbaum
22 The informal sector and social protection 390
Jairous J. Miti, Mikko Perkiö, Anna Metteri and Salla Atkins
Case study M: Extension of the contributory pension scheme to
small-scale farmers in Zambia 404
Jairous J. Miti, Mikko Perkiö, Anna Metteri and Salla Atkins
23 Refugees and social protection 411
Tamara A. Kool and Zina Nimeh

Introduction: Administration 425
Valentina Barca
24 Delivering social transfers 427
Valentina Barca and Madhumitha Hebbar
25 Delivering social insurance 438
Dominique La Salle
26 Integrated information management 449
Richard Chirchir
27 Portability 459
Dominique La Salle
28 Decentralization 469
Andrew Wyatt
Case study N: Capacity development for social protection in Zambia 482
Benson Chisanga and Jairous J. Miti

Introduction: Political economy 490
Esther Schüring
29 International actors and social protection 492
Jeremy Seekings
30 Public preferences 508
Katja Bender
31 The political economy of social protection adoption 521
Miguel Niño-Zarazúa and Alma Santillán Hernández
Case study O: Political economy of social protection in Kenya 537
Barbara Rohregger
Case study P: Political economy of the basic income grant in South Africa 542
Brian Mathebula
32 Acceptability of social protection reforms 549
Eszter Timár

Introduction: Effects 560
Francesco Burchi
33 Data and analysis in social protection 562
Franziska Gassmann
Case study Q: An evidence and gap map of effectiveness studies: social
protection interventions in low- and middle-income countries 578
Ashrita Saran and Latha Radhakrishnan
34 Effects of social protection on poverty and inequality 583
Ludovico Carraro and Marta S.L. Marzi
35 Effects of social protection on food consumption and nutrition 597
Francesco Burchi
36 Effects of social protection on health 609
Christoph Strupat
37 Effects of social protection on economic development 622
Garima Bhalla, Mari Kangasniemi and Natalia Winder Rossi
38 Effects of social protection on social inclusion, social cohesion and
nation building 636
Gabriele Köhler

Introduction: Major challenges and reform options 648
Krzysztof Hagemejer
39 Demographic change 651
John Woodall
40 Globalization 663
Joachim Betz
41 The future of work 676
Franziska Gassmann
42 Climate change 688
Daniele Malerba
43 Pandemics and other macro crises 705
John Woodall
Case study R: A humanitarian social protection response to COVID-19
in Kenya 717
Larissa Pelham

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