Research Handbook in Data Science and Law


Research Handbook in Data Science and Law

9781788111294 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Vanessa Mak, Leiden University, Eric Tjong Tjin Tai, Tilburg University and Anna Berlee, Law Faculty, Open Universiteit, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78811 129 4 Extent: 512 pp
The use of data in society has seen an exponential growth in recent years. Data science, the field of research concerned with understanding and analyzing data, aims to find ways to operationalize data so that it can be beneficially used in society, for example in health applications, urban governance or smart household devices. The legal questions that accompany the rise of new, data-driven technologies however are underexplored. This book is the first volume that seeks to map the legal implications of the emergence of data science. It discusses the possibilities and limitations imposed by the current legal framework, considers whether regulation is needed to respond to problems raised by data science, and which ethical problems occur in relation to the use of data. It also considers the emergence of Data Science and Law as a new legal discipline.

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The generation and use of data in society has seen exponential growth in recent years. The emergent field of data science, concerned with understanding and analyzing this data, can be applied to applications spanning from healthcare and urban planning to smart household devices. The legal questions which accompany the rise of these technologies, however, remains underexplored. Breaking new ground this Research Handbook maps the legal implications of the emergence of data science.

Drawing on comparative perspectives, this Research Handbook approaches the subject from different legal domains, considering the possibilities and limitations of the current legal framework. Reflecting on whether further regulation is needed to address the ethical and legal problems raised by data science, the contributors examine how the practice is, and should be, regulated and how it influences the law, judiciary, and legal research. The book makes a vital contribution to the emerging field of data science and law as a discipline, and covers data science methodologies and tools essential for both legal practice and scholarship.

The Research Handbook in Data Science and Law will be an important resource for students interested in data and technology law, as well as for legal scholars and practitioners in the field. Data scientists seeking an introduction to the law surrounding the field will also find this Research Handbook invaluable.
Contributors: A. Berlee, C. Busch, A. Carlson, M.O. Cuevas, B. Custers, A. Daly, A. De Franceschi, W. Kaufmann, A. Klop, S. Kreifels, K.M. Kryla-Cudna, A.J.F. Lafarre, V. Mak, M. Mattioli, R. Nurullaev, R. Podszun, M.G. Porcedda, C. Prins, S. Ranchordas, R. Russo, K.K.E.C.T. Swinnen, P. Szulewski, E. Tjong Tjin Tai, H. Ursic, C.F. van der Elst, B.J. van Ettekoven, T. Van Geelen, D. Wall, V.Z. Zencovich


1. Introduction
Vanessa Mak, Eric Tjong Tjin Tai and Anna Berlee

2. Contract and consumer law
Vanessa Mak

3. Liability for data loss
Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovitch

4. Liability for (semi)autonomous systems: robots and algorithms
Eric Tjong Tjin Tai

5. Consumer Contracts and the Internet of Things
Katarzyna Kryla-Cudna

6. Pledge and attachment of data files under Belgian Law
Koen Swinnen

7. Data and intellectual property law
Michael Mattioli

8. Legal tech and blockchain for corporate governance and shareholders
Anne Lafarre and Christoph van der Elst

9. Data and competition law
Rupprecht Podszun and Stefan Kreifels

10. Data science, data crime and the law
Maria Grazia Porcedda and David S. Wall

11. Data-driven regulation and governance in smart cities
Sofia Ranchordás and Abram Klop

12. Data science and public administration research: connecting agency rules and red tape
Wesley Kaufamnn

13. Data science and taxation
Ronald Russo

14. Data localization measures and their impacts on data science
Helena Ursic, Ruslan Nurullaev, Míchel Olmedo Cuevas and Paweł Szulewski

15. Methods of data research for law
Bart Custers

16. Data and fundamental rights
Angela Daly, Anna Carlson and Tess Van Geelen

17. Granular legal norms: big data and the personalization of private law
Christoph Busch and Alberto De Franceschi

18. Data analysis, artificial intelligence and the judiciary system
Bart Jan van Ettekoven and Corien Prins

19. Conclusion
Vanessa Mak, Eric Tjong Tjin Tai and Anna Berlee

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