Research Handbook on Civil–Military Relations


Research Handbook on Civil–Military Relations

9781800889835 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Aurel Croissant, Professor of Political Science, Institute of Political Science, Heidelberg University, Germany and and GSIS, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, S Korea, David Kuehn, Senior Research Fellow, German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Hamburg, Germany and David Pion-Berlin, Distinguished Professor, Department of Political Science, University of California, Riverside, US
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80088 983 5 Extent: 448 pp
Bringing together leading scholars from across the world, this comprehensive Research Handbook analyses key problems, subjects, regions, and countries in civil-military relations. Showcasing cutting-edge research developments, it illustrates the deeply complex nature of the field and analyses important topics in need of renewed consideration.

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Bringing together leading international scholars, this comprehensive Research Handbook analyses key problems, subjects, regions, and countries in civil-military relations. Showcasing cutting-edge research developments, it illustrates the deeply complex nature of the field and examines important topics in need of renewed consideration.

Arranged in five thematic sections, chapters explore the role of armed forces in politics and society, the missions and roles of militaries, and crucial issues of control, compliance and effectiveness. Contributors present theoretically informed and empirically applied research asking novel questions and examining cutting-edge solutions to ongoing problems in the field. They demonstrate the wide range of research methodologies and meta-theoretical traditions in civil-military relations, spanning structuralism, behavioralism, institutionalism, and constructivism. Ultimately, the Research Handbook is a timely insight into the contemporary role of militaries, for example in democratization and autocratization processes and deployment during natural disasters and pandemics.

The Research Handbook on Civil–Military Relations will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars of military, security, and strategic studies, as well as comparative politics and military sociology. It will also be an important read for policymakers seeking to better understand the role of the military in society.
Critical Acclaim
‘Civil–military relations is a timely and timeless issue. Readers will find in the Research Handbook on Civil–Military Relations a wide-range of chapters that cover the waterfront of the most pressing topics in contemporary relations between generals and politicians penned by a who’s-who of leading interdisciplinary scholars. Aurel Croissant, David Kuehn, and David Pion-Berlin have assembled an important resource for scholars, policymakers, and the general public who want to answer the age-old question: “who guards the guardians?”’
– Michael C. Desch, Notre Dame International Security Center, US

‘This exceptionally wide-ranging work on military politics features some of the most thoughtful scholars on this important subject. It belongs on the bookshelf of everyone interested in the interactions between the armed forces, society, and politicians.’
– Zoltan Barany, University of Texas, US
Contributors include: Igor Acácio, Polina Beliakova, Risa Brooks, Thomas C.Bruneau, Aurel Croissant, Rut Diamint, Philippe Droz-Vincent, Tanja Eschenauer-Engler, Maja Garb, Collin Grimes, Kristen A. Harkness, Lindy Heinecken, Andrew Ivey, Nam Kyu Kim, David Kuehn, Walter C. Ladwig III, Yagil Levy, Marjan Malešič, Kristina Mani, Rafa Martínez, Florina Cristiana Matei, Anaís Medeiros Passos, Anit Mukherjee, Ilia Murtazashvili, Vanessa Newby, David Pion-Berlin, Dan Reiter, Chiara Ruffa, Jonathan Shine, Nathan W.Toronto, Harold Trinkunas

1 Introduction to the Research Handbook on Civil–Military Relations 1
David Pion-Berlin, Aurel Croissant and David Kuehn

2 Introduction to Part I: control and non-compliance 19
David Pion-Berlin
3 Coups d’état and coup avoidance 23
Nam Kyu Kim
4 Revisiting the Janus-face: civil–military relations and strategy-making 40
Risa Brooks
5 Military power and autonomy 54
Rut Diamint
6 Soldiers over diplomats: the delegation of foreign policy authority to
the armed forces 70
David Pion-Berlin
7 The power of belief: the role of coups, microbehaviors, and military
learning in ideas about civil–military relations 86
Nathan W. Toronto
8 Institutions of democratic control and oversight 99
Walter C. Ladwig III and Anit Mukherjee

9 Introduction to Part II: military effectiveness 118
David Kuehn
10 Strategic planning, resources, effectiveness 123
Florina Cristiana Matei
11 Knowledge, expertise, and effectiveness 141
Rafa Martínez
12 Coup-proofing and military effectiveness 155
Dan Reiter
13 Oversight, accountability, and effectiveness 171
Thomas C. Bruneau

14 Introduction to Part III: military missions 185
David Pion-Berlin
15 External threats and civilian control: the case of the Ukrainian
military’s professional adaptation to Russian aggression 190
Polina Beliakova
16 Internal deployment and democratic survival 206
Andrew Ivey
17 Peacekeeping operations and civil–military relations: an emerging
research agenda? 219
Chiara Ruffa and Vanessa Newby
18 Military responses to natural disasters and pandemics 231
Igor Acácio and Anaís Medeiros Passos

19 Introduction to Part IV: military and society 247
David Kuehn
20 Demographics and military service 252
Lindy Heinecken
21 National cohesion, division, and military behavior 266
Kristen A. Harkness
22 Military entrepreneurship 283
Collin Grimes
23 Militarism and militarization 298
Yagil Levy
24 Public opinion and the military 314
Marjan Malešič and Maja Garb
25 Education and military–societal convergence 333
Ilia Murtazashvili and Jonathan Shine

26 Introduction to Part V: military in autocratization and democratization 350
Aurel Croissant
27 Regime maintenance and counter-protest 356
Tanja Eschenauer-Engler, David Kuehn and Aurel Croissant
28 Democratic resilience and the military in new democracies 374
Kristina Mani
29 Regime hybridization and civil–military relations 388
Harold Trinkunas
30 Autocratic consolidation and civil–military relations 404
Philippe Droz-Vincent

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