Research Handbook on Irregular Migration


Research Handbook on Irregular Migration

9781800377493 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ilse van Liempt, Associate Professor, Department of Human Geography, Utrecht University, Joris Schapendonk, Associate Professor, Department of Human Geography, Radboud University, Nijmegen and Amalia Campos-Delgado, Assistant Professor in Law and Society, Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80037 749 3 Extent: 416 pp
Moving away from state categorizations on irregular migration, this Research Handbook critically examines processes and dynamics that generate and reproduce irregularity, and discusses who may count as an irregular migrant.

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Critical Acclaim
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Moving away from state categorizations on irregular migration, this Research Handbook critically examines processes and dynamics that generate and reproduce irregularity, and discusses who may count as an irregular migrant.

Acknowledging that irregular migration is not just a South-North issue, chapters investigate the many different pathways into irregularity, demonstrating the benefits of understanding dynamics behind irregular migration over statistics. Organised into six thematic parts covering key issues such as approaches and perspectives for research, informal labour and the challenges faced by migrant families, global contributors from a variety of disciplines provide an expert review of geographical and historical paths into irregular migration. Offering their background knowledge and highlighting tools to better understand how irregular migration is linked to geopolitics and migration policies, the Research Handbook on Irregular Migration guides readers through the complex issues facing migrants worldwide.

Written in a comprehensive yet accessible style, this Research Handbook will be an excellent resource for undergraduate and graduate students as well researchers and academics interested in migration, policy, law, security, border crossing, informal labour, crime and civil support to migrants.
Critical Acclaim
‘With a stellar line up of established and early career scholars in the field, this Handbook is a must-read for everyone interested in understanding the multi-scalar politics of migrants’ irregularisation, its everyday impacts on the lives of migrants with no or precarious immigration status and opportunities and spaces for contestation and resistance.’
– Nando Sigona, University of Birmingham, UK

‘This timely volume brings together leading theorists on irregular migration to provide a comprehensive picture of cutting-edge research in the field. A must read for scholars of borders, migration and state violence.’
– Reece Jones, University of Hawai''i-Manoa, US
Contributors: Sarah Adeyinka, Maurizio Ambrosini, Kolar Aparna, Chandima Arambepola, Malte Behrendt, Milena Belloni, Rodrigo Bueno Lacy, Arlene Bugabo, Amalia Campos-Delgado, Beatrice Catanzaro, Michael Collyer, Daniela DeBono, Ilse Derluyn, Elena Fontanari, Giulia Garofalo Geymonat, Ekaterina Golovko, Heidi Østbø Haugen, Charles Heller, Guangzhi Huang, Martin Bak Jørgensen, Barak Kalir, Nauja Kleist, Mieke Kox, Ine Lietaert, Ċetta Mainwaring, Sabrina Marchetti, Amade M’charek, Antje Missbach, Shiva S. Mohan, Fransje Molenaar, Alison Mountz, Walter Nicholls, Giacomo Orsini, Letizia Palumbo, Ferruccio Pastore, Lorenzo Pezzani, Emanuela Roman, Monica Romero, Marina Rota, Joris Schapendonk, Marlou Schrover, Manju Sharma, Zayda Sorrell-Medina, Richard Staring, Maurice Stierl, Inka Stock, Anna Triandafyllidou, Océane Uzureau, Ida Marie Savio Vammen, Henk van Houtum, Ilse van Liempt, Francesco Vecchio, Ana Visan, Presca Wanki, Nanneke Winters, Guillermo Yrizar Barbosa

Preface xxi
Introduction: the production of irregular migration 1
Ilse van Liempt, Joris Schapendonk and Amalia Campos-Delgado

1 Irregular migration and migration control policies 14
Anna Triandafyllidou
2 Invisible, vulnerable, heroic and criminal: a gendered history of
migration labelling 25
Marlou Schrover
3 How to research “irregular” migration: approaches and perspectives
from the field 36
Shiva S. Mohan, Alison Mountz, Monica Romero and Ana Visan
4 Humans, not arrows: countering the violent cartography of
undocumented migration 49
Henk van Houtum and Rodrigo Bueno Lacy
5 Situated glossaries of (ir)regular migration 66
Kolar Aparna, Manju Sharma, Arlene Bugabo and Beatrice Catanzaro
6 Beach encounters: migrant death and forensics as an art of paying attention 81
Amade M’charek

7 Welcome aboard KLM Air Land! Hope and uncertainty in precarious
migration projects 95
Nauja Kleist
8 Irregular migrants and families: the challenges of transnational family
lives in times of limited mobility and transient settlement 106
Inka Stock
9 Deterrence or empowerment? Awareness and information campaigns as
a migration governance tool to stop irregular migration 118
Ida Marie Savio Vammen
10 How unintended are these consequences? The changing environment
for migration facilitation in Niger since 2015 130
Ekaterina Golovko and Fransje Molenaar
11 Re-socializing migrant networks: moving beyond dominant
migrant-network approaches 140
Richard Staring and Mieke Kox

12 The irregularity maze: investigating asymmetries and discontinuities in
the interaction between migrants’ geographic mobility and regulatory
frameworks 153
Milena Belloni, Ferruccio Pastore and Emanuela Roman
13 Stuck in camps, at sea and in illegality: dimensions of stuckedness
endured by Rohingya refugees 168
Antje Missbach
14 Irregular times: refugees’ struggles for a temporal justice in the
European (im)mobility regime 178
Elena Fontanari
15 Children’s mobility across the EU governance of unauthorized
migration as a game of chutes and ladders: evidence from Libya, Italy,
Greece and Belgium 190
Giacomo Orsini, Océane Uzureau, Malte Behrendt, Marina Rota, Sarah
Adeyinka, Ilse Derluyn and Ine Lietaert
16 The U.S. response to undocumented immigrant youth: “deferred”
mobilities in New York 202
Guillermo Yrizar Barbosa

17 Migrant women workers in Europe: forms of irregularity and conditions
of vulnerability 215
Giulia Garofalo Geymonat, Sabrina Marchetti and Letizia Palumbo
18 Casting outside regular pathways: state restrictions to Sri Lankan
female migration 227
Chandima Arambepola
19 Becoming sanfei: the irregularization of foreign migrants in China 239
Guangzhi Huang and Heidi Østbø Haugen
The research for this book chapter has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (Grant Agreement No. 802070).
20 Making a living while on the move: migrant trajectories, hierarchized
mobilities and local labour landscapes in Central America 250
Nanneke Winters
21 Illegalized refugees seeking protection in the Hong Kong economy 261
Francesco Vecchio

22 Helping people feel that their future lies at home: the geopolitics of
externalising irregular migration control in the European Union 271
Michael Collyer
23 Regularizing irregular sojourners: the avenue of “deservingness” 282
Maurizio Ambrosini
24 Being (in)visible: exploring the post-return categorisations of
Cameroonian migrants 293
Presca Wanki, Ilse Derluyn and Ine Lietaert
25 On the administration of evil: frontline bureaucrats resolving ethical
tensions while enforcing oppressive deportation policies 305
Barak Kalir
26 Dirty borderwork and maculated borders: examining the Mexican
transit control regime 316
Amalia Campos-Delgado

27 Autonomous and civic solidarity practices towards irregular migrants in Europe 328
Martin Bak Jørgensen
28 Undocumented immigrant activism: the struggle for rights and recognition 338
Walter J. Nicholls and Zayda Sorrell-Medina
29 Autonomous migration and transgressive solidarity: the case of the El Hiblu 3
Daniela DeBono and Ċetta Mainwaring
30 Contesting the lethal Mediterranean frontier
Charles Heller, Lorenzo Pezzani and Maurice Stierl
Alison Mountz

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