Research Handbook on the Sociology of Youth


Research Handbook on the Sociology of Youth

9781803921792 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Judith Bessant, Professor, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University, Philippa Collin, Professor, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, Patrick O’Keeffe, Senior Lecturer, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University, Australia
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 179 2 Extent: 488 pp
In this groundbreaking Research Handbook on the Sociology of Youth, researchers from the Global North and South examine the social, political, cultural and ecological processes that inform what it means to be young. It explores the diversity of youth experiences and ways young people live their lives, responding to and actively working to overcome inequality, adversity and planetary crises.

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In this groundbreaking Research Handbook on the Sociology of Youth, researchers from around the world examine the social, political, cultural and ecological processes that shape young people’s lives and how young people in turn shape the world. Contributors from the Global North and South challenge traditional frameworks as they document the diversity of ways young people now live. The Research Handbook highlights the active and creative responses of young people as they help shape the world and how they work to overcome inequality, adversity and crisis and aspire to flourishing societies and a healthy planetary future.

This innovative Research Handbook offers reflective, critical and accessible analyses of contemporary youth sociology as well as insights into how policy-makers and professionals can apply these research findings to their practice. The Research Handbook highlights the diversity of theoretical, methodological and conceptual approaches now available reflecting how the field has become increasingly dynamic and ontologically open. The Research Handbook includes commentaries by young people from across the world and demonstrates how young people are already involved in and are attempting to address the significant issues of our time like climate justice, racism, socio-economic inequalities, forced migration, LGBTQI+ identities, disability, mental health, and violence.

In presenting this breadth of new work on the sociology of youth, this groundbreaking Research Handbook offers a major new resource for researchers, teachers, policy-makers, practitioners and students alike.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Research Handbook on the Sociology of Youth is an ambitious volume, combining twenty-seven chapters by fifty authors from across the globe, alongside commentaries from young people themselves. With questions of politics, representation, injustice and exclusion to the fore, it is an expansive and engaging examination of youth sociology today, enriched by extensive research and critique from the Global South.’
– Robert MacDonald, Co-Editor in Chief, Journal of Youth Studies and Aalborg University, Denmark

‘This is an innovative and ambitious Research Handbook on the Sociology of Youth by three leading scholars in the field: Judith Bessant, Philippa Collin and Patrick O’Keeffe. In this Handbook students and researchers interested in youth research will find incisive and deeply researched topics from youth politics and activism, epistemology and ethics, to gender, Indigenous, and digital research. Refreshingly, the editors carefully curated a Handbook that highlights important research from both the Global South and North. This is an important resource for anyone interested in the lives of young people around the world.’
– Hernan Cuervo, University of Melbourne, Australia

‘This excellent Research Handbook on the Sociology of Youth edited by Bessant, Collin and O''Keeffe provides a detailed and thorough picture of the extant frontiers for research on youth in relation to a variety of major critical aspects for making sense of the future of our societies. The Handbook provides an up to date and authoritative account allowing us to fully understand where the key open questions lie for scholars today.’
– Maria Grasso, Queen Mary University of London, UK

‘This Handbook sets the agenda for the “reset” of thinking about youth research sought by researchers, practitioners and by young people. Tackling equity and justice, politics and the political, health and wellbeing, contributors disrupt research convention and critique how conventional research practices make meaning and generate knowledge about young people.’
– Johanna Wyn, The University of Melbourne, Australia

‘This is an important Research Handbook for all of those interested in the experiences of young people. One of its main strengths is its focus on diversity. It brings together contributions from: different parts of the world; different disciplines; different organisations – community groups and NGOs, not just universities; and young people themselves, as well as researchers.’
– Rachel Brooks, University of Surrey, UK
List of contributors viii
Foreword by Raewyn Connell xviii
Acknowledgements xxii
1 Introduction: The sociology of youth 1
Judith Bessant, Philippa Collin and Patrick O’Keeffe
Commentary 20
Mary Ruzzel Morales
2 A revisionist account of the crisis of democracy and ‘youth participation’ 23
Judith Bessant, Philippa Collin and Rob Watts
3 Thinking sociologically about young people and the far-right 39
Pam Nilan and Tim Gentles
4 Beyond the indignation of young climate activists: the political potential of
climate-emotions 53
Louise Knops
5 Researching the criminalisation of young people’s dissent: insights from
Southeast Asia 69
Chris Millora and Renee Karunungan
Commentary 84
Abraham Padiet Kuol
6 Young people, citizenship and climate justice 87
Amelia Woods, Bronwyn Hayward, Ruth McManus and Sacha McMeeking
7 Making young people investable: financing social services through Social
Impact Bonds 102
Patrick O’Keeffe
8 Researching racial justice in United States schooling: youth silence and voice 117
Hava Rachel Gordon
9 Towards a sociology of global south youth: navigating material differences
and false binaries 131
Adam Cooper and Sharlene Swartz
10 Gigs, hustles and hope: mixed livelihoods for global youth beyond the wage 150
Adam Cooper and Bernard Dubbeld
Commentary 165
Zimingonaphakade Sigenu, Liona Muchenje and Theresa Ayerigah
Commentary 169
Bojana Koralevic
11 Knowing young people and social media: platforms, everyday cultures, risk
and datafication 172
Natalie Ann Hendry
12 Conceptual and methodological issues in research with disabled youth
in the Global South: towards decolonial futures in pandemic times 186
Xuan Thuy Nguyen, Karen Soldatic and Hannah Dyer
13 Encouraging young people’s collective struggles against the climate crisis:
radical democratic education in the era of marketization 200
Katariina Tiainen and Crystal Green
14 Understanding young people’s visual politics: making young people’s
participation (more) visible 215
Michelle Catanzaro
Commentary 238
Anastasiia Lytvyniuk
15 Eating our young: time for the state to rein in Big Tech 240
Rys Farthing and Judith Bessant
16 Disruptive do-it-ourselves politics: young climate and environmental activists 254
Sarah Pickard
17 Advocating for food sovereignty in the UN Committee on World Food
Security: facilitating young people’s participation in policy making 268
Anisah Madden, Jessie MacInnis and Nicole Maria Yanes
18 The feminista encapuchada: gender justice and affective (de)attachments in
the Chilean high school feminist movement 286
Valentina Err.zuriz
19 Refugees welcome? Refugee young people, vulnerability, conditionality and
belonging in Europe 301
Ala Sirriyeh
Commentary 316
Anhaar Kareem
20 Blak spaces or queer spaces: how having a multiplicity of identities impacts
the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQ+
young people in Australia 319
Mandy Henningham
21 Youth, health and the digital 336
Benjamin Hanckel and Philippa Collin
22 ‘What about the young people?’ A media analysis of youth mental health
through Victoria’s Covid lockdowns 351
Kathryn Daley, Belinda Johnson and Patrick O’Keeffe
23 Young people’s participation in the National Health Insurance Policy in
South Africa 367
Naledi Mpanza and Patrick O’Keeffe
Commentary 383
Lena De Eccher
24 On Bourdieu’s sociological method, symbolic violence, and good practice
in sociology of youth research 386
Michael Emslie
25 Young people and participatory research in times of crises 401
Benjamin Bowman
26 Visibility, voice and emancipation: suggestions for decolonising research
ethics in the sociology of youth 416
Sharlene Swartz, Anye-Nkwenti Nyamnjoh and Alude Mahali
27 Ethics, research policy and practice: changes, challenges and dilemmas in
ethnographic youth research 429
Carles Feixa P.mpols, Jos. S.nchez-Garc.a and Gemma Aubarell-Solduga
Index 444
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