Services, Experiences and Innovation


Services, Experiences and Innovation

Integrating and Extending Research

9781788114295 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ada Scupola, Professor in Business Studies and Digitalization and Lars Fuglsang, Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University, Denmark
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78811 429 5 Extent: 360 pp
Whilst innovation has traditionally focused on manufacturing, recently research surrounding service innovation has been flourishing. Furthermore, as consumers become ever more sophisticated and look for experiences, a research field investigating this topic has also emerged. This book aims to develop an integrated approach to the field of experience and services through innovation by showing that it is necessary to take several factors into account. As such, it makes a substantial and compelling contribution to the interdependencies between innovation, services and experience research.

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Consumers are increasingly looking to invest in experiences rather than simply a product. With innovation research moving away from the traditional focus on manufacturing towards services, this book develops a much-needed integrated approach for improving analysis of both experience and service innovation.

This impressive book makes a substantial and compelling contribution to research on the interdependencies between innovation, services and experiences. Split into clear and thematically separate categories, the contributors explore systemic innovation, practice-based innovation, technology and innovation, and experiences as a catalyst for innovation. Examples are taken from the tourism industry, entrepreneurial ventures, online gaming and digital services, to provide readers with a thorough overview of the extensive impact of these innovations. Using organizational, systemic, conceptual and empirical examinations of the experience and service economies, the authors identify how top class innovation research can be extended and integrated further with other research areas.

Presenting a state-of-the-art analysis of the topic, this timely book will benefit teachers of innovation, the experience economy, and information systems. Researchers of business economics, and marketing will also find this an essential foundation volume for future research on topics of innovation in a globalizing world.
Critical Acclaim
‘As technological transformation continues to influence service production and consumption, Services, Experiences and Innovation provides key insights on the vital importance of understanding the links between three previously autonomous strands of services research. A distinguished group of European scholars provides excellent state-of-the-art perspectives and analyses as well as constructive ideas for deepening future research, ensuring this book becomes the standard point of reference.’
– Peter W. Daniels, University of Birmingham, UK
Contributors: J.O. Bærenholdt, C.A. Billing, J.R. Bryson, P. Corvo, P. den Hertog, F. Djellal, M. Ernkvist, L. Fuglsang, F. Gallouj, N.N. Grünbaum, A.H.A. Henten, M. Janssen, J.F. Jensen, D. Križaj, M.-F. Lee, P.C.R. Matacena, I. Miles, J.K. Møller, G. Nardelli, L. Rubalcaba, K. Sawatwarakul, A. Scupola, F. Sørensen, J.K. Sørensen, M. Stare, M. Stenger, P. Ström, M. Toivonen, L. Uljala



1. Integrative perspectives to Service, Innovation and Experience Research
Ada Scupola and Lars Fuglsang

Part I Systemic Innovation
2. Experience and innovation in services: from human encounters to social building
Luis Rubalcaba

3. Fifteen advances in service innovation studies
Faridah Djellal and Faïz Gallouj

4. Service innovation – organizational and systemic approaches
Marja Toivonen

5. Crossing the frontiers between touch points, innovation and experience design in tourism
Metka Stare and Dejan Križaj

6. Service innovation as search in multidimensional design spaces: Conceptual opportunities and empirical examination
Pim Den Hertog

Part II Practice-based Innovation
7. Decentred practices of innovation in the experience economy
Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt

8. Towards a theory of a practice-based approach to service innovation within spheres of interaction
Lars Fuglsang

9. Exploring intuition as a dynamic capability in radical new product and service development - a conceptual approach
Niels Nolsøe Grünbaum and Marianne Stenger

10. Service infusion in manufacturing and corporate strategies in the service solutions market – driving forces and components
Jørn Kjølseth Møller

Part III Technology and Innovation
11. Motivators and inhibitors of e-Residency adoption for global e-entrepreneurship
Linda Ujala and Ada Scupola

12. Services and experiences from Space: Satellite-enabled services and manufacturing/operators interdependencies ad hybrid products as enablers of growth
Chloe A. Billing and John R. Bryson

13. The innovative generativity of digital service encounters
Anders Henten Anders Henten and Jannick Kirk Sørensen

14. User involvement in business-to-business operational service innovation
Giulia Nardelli and Ada Scupola

Part IV Experience as Innovation Motor
15. Front-line Employee-Based Experience Innovation in Tourism
Jens Friis Jensen and Flemming Sørensen

16. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Innovation in the Coffee Shop Experience
Ian Miles, Ming-Fei Lee and Kantima Sawatwarakul

17. The new ‘online’ alternative food networks as a socio-technical innovation in the local food economy: two cases from Milan
Paolo Corvo e Raffaele Matacena

18. The Korean online game wave - Development within the experience economy
Patrik Ström and Mirko Ernkvist


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