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  1. Add to Wish List Protecting Migrant Children

    Protecting Migrant Children

    Edited by Mary Crock, Lenni B. Benson
    Unprecedented numbers of children are crossing international borders seeking safety. Framed around compelling case studies explaining why children are on the move in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania, this b...
    Hardback (2018)

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  2. Add to Wish List Gender and Generational Division in EU Citizenship

    Gender and Generational Division in EU Citizenship

    Edited by Trudie Knijn, Manuela Naldini
    Family law, gender equality, care arrangements and the consequences of demographic change have long been on the agenda of the European Union. However, these are coloured by national and cultural factors more than any other disputes, and ...
    Hardback (2018)

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  3. Add to Wish List Outsourcing the Law

    Outsourcing the Law

    Pauline Westerman
    Not only can services such as cleaning and catering be outsourced, but also governmental tasks such as making, applying and enforcing the law. Outsourcing the law is usually recommended for its cost-efficiency, flexibility, higher rates ...
    Hardback (2018)

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  4. Add to Wish List Moving Beyond Barriers

    Moving Beyond Barriers

    Edited by Sandra Seubert, Marcel Hoogenboom, Trudie Knijn, Sybe de Vries, Frans van Waarden
    This book identifies, analyses and compares a variety of possible ‘barriers’ to the exercise of European citizenship and discusses ways to move beyond these barriers. It contributes in a multi-disciplinary way to a highly topical issue a...
    Hardback (2018)

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  5. Add to Wish List Just Interests

    Just Interests

    Robyn Holder
    Just Interests: Victims, Citizens and the Potential for Justice contributes to extended conversations about the idea of justice – who has it, who doesn’t and what it means in the everyday setting of criminal justice. It challenges the us...
    Hardback (2018)

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  6. Add to Wish List The History of Law in Europe

    The History of Law in Europe

    Bart Wauters, Marco de Benito
    Comprehensive and accessible, this book offers a concise synthesis of the evolution of the law in Western Europe, from ancient Rome to the beginning of the twentieth century. It situates law in the wider framework of Europe’s political, ...
    Paperback (2018)

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    Hardback (2017)

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  7. Add to Wish List Reconsidering EU Citizenship

    Reconsidering EU Citizenship

    Edited by Sandra Seubert, Oliver Eberl, Frans van Waarden
    25 years after the introduction of EU citizenship this book reconsiders its contradictions and constraints as well as promises and prospects. Analyzing a disputed concept and evaluating its implementation and social effects Reconsidering...
    Hardback (2018)

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  8. Add to Wish List Gambling Regulation and Vulnerability

    Gambling Regulation and Vulnerability

    Malgorzata A. Carran
    Since the UK Gambling Act of 2005 was introduced, gambling has stopped being seen, politically and legally as an inherent vice and is now viewed as a legitimate form of entertainment. Gambling Regulation and Vulnerability explores the l...
    Hardback (2018)

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  9. Add to Wish List Citizenship in Segmented Societies

    Citizenship in Segmented Societies

    Edited by Francis Cheneval, Mónica Ferrin
    European Union citizenship is increasingly relevant in the context of both the refugee crisis and Brexit, yet the issue of citizenship is neither new nor unique to the EU. Using historical, political and sociological perspectives, the au...
    Hardback (2018)

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  10. Add to Wish List EU Citizenship and Social Rights

    EU Citizenship and Social Rights

    Edited by Frans Pennings, Martin Seeleib-Kaiser
    In the 1990s, the Maastricht Treaty introduced the right to free movement for EU citizens. In practice, however, there are substantial barriers to making use of this right, particularly to integration and to accessing the social and welf...
    Hardback (2018)

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  11. Add to Wish List Tenancy Law and Housing Policy in Europe

    Tenancy Law and Housing Policy in Europe

    Edited by Christoph U. Schmid
    Tenancy law has developed in all EU member states for decades, or even centuries, but constitutes a widely blank space in comparative and European law. This book fills an important gap in the literature by considering the diverse and com...
    Hardback (2018)

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  12. Add to Wish List Negotiating Cultural Rights

    Negotiating Cultural Rights

    Edited by Lucky Belder, Helle Porsdam
    The various reports on cultural rights by UN Special Rapporteur Faridah Shaheed provide a new universal standard on cultural rights with topics ranging from cultural diversity, cultural heritage, and the right to artistic freedom to the ...
    Hardback (2017)

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